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Helmsmen Camp is Outstanding.

In addition to being a camp full of educational resources and opportunities to practice speaking and debating, Helmsmen Camp includes a variety of meaningful experiences that build community and glorify Christ.

Daily Worship

Helmsmen Camp is centered on Christ, not competition. As such, every morning begins with corporate worship. After we worship together, students break into C.R.E.W. Groups for devotionals and prayer.

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C.R.E.W. Groups

C.R.E.W. stands for Conquering, Researching, Encouraging, and Worshiping – the four core values of our mentoring component. We believe that community is central to personal and educational growth!


We have our fair share of games at Camp, including (but not limited to) bingo, where one camper wins free tuition for camp the following year. Other games include: capture the flag, ultimate frisbee and board games.


In addition to everything students learn at camp, we give students opportunities to get outside and enjoy some fresh air! We take evening hikes on French Hill, morning walks in the prayer garden, and an outdoor scavenger hunt.

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Giving Back

This year, we are including opportunities for students to give back to the community by offering service opportunities. Last year, we donated over 100 food items to a local food shelter and wrote letters to deployed Stoa alumni!

Senior Night

We're excited to have a senior night dedicated to honoring those in their last year of Stoa. Senior night will include a special dinner and dessert, prayer, and social opportunities. 

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