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Blue Water

Sponsors and Speakers!

One of the best parts about Helmsmen Camp is that you will get insights from the best of the best. In addition to alumni who did well in Stoa, this year we are featuring professionals, theologians and policy analysts. 

Sponsor Organizations


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Dr. Antony Davies

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David Vasquez

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Dr. C.J. Armstrong

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Rev. Dr. Jonathan Ruehs

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Dr. Antony Davies is an American economist, speaker, and author. He is the Milton Friedman Distinguished Fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education.

David Vasquez is a policy analyst for the Center for American Prosperity, the Center for Energy Independence, and the Center for the Environment at AFPI.

Dr. C. J. Armstrong is a Professor of History and Theology at CUI. Dr. Armstrong has a Ph.D. from UCI, an M.Div. from Concordia Seminary and an MA from Washington University.

The Rev. Dr. Ruehs is an assistant professor of theology and the Director of the Center for Church Leadership here at Concordia University. 


Welcome to the

Skeptical Zoo!

This lecture will cover category six in apologetics with a focus on understanding the diversity that exists with those who claim to be atheist, agnostic, as well as part of the Spiritual, But Not Religious crowd. The lecture will focus on responding to skeptics in Apologetics!

Rev. Dr. Jonathan Ruehs

Historical Reliability of the New Testament

This session will focus on the category three in Apol, which ask us to consider why we can trust the New Testament. It will cover why we know the NT is true on a textual, spiritual, and historical standpoint. Get an experts take on why the gospel is true.

Dr. C. J. Armstrong

The Gospel as the Core of Christian Faith

Dr. Armstrong will take a deep dive into the question: "What is the Gospel, and why is it the core of the Christian faith?". The lecture will give you a theologically focused defense of the gospel and its importance to Christianity and our Faith.

Dr. C. J. Armstrong

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