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Online Helmsmen Camp 2022

We understand that learning online is not the same as in-person learning. We've consulted with education specialists, and used sound educational philosophy to ensure that our online program is carefully designed to be an effective learning environment (despite the challenges). Here is how we are ensuring we are serving you the best we can in this season. Not every child learns the same and not every child has the same attention span. Here's what we're doing to ensure you can scale the education to your and your child's preferences:


We want to be sure that the education your student receives is dynamic and productive. 

  • We will be using Discord to provide students with a safe platform for feedback, a support network, access to resources, and consistent coaching throughout their time at camp.

  • Each lecture will have a question and answer session for students to engage in the material.

  • There will be a one hour lunch break, and a 10 minute break every 50 minutes to ensure students' attention spans aren't overtaxed. 

  • Our educational philosophy regarding online learning emphasizes the importance of predictable breaks through which students have enough time to move away from their computer and take a "brain break" without switching to play mode. As such, we've timed our breaks so that your students can engage in their education while avoiding a "Zoom Fatigue." (Shoot us an email if you would like to know more.)

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