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Don't take it from us! Check out what students and parents have said about Helmsmen Institute Speech and Debate Camp: 

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Konrad H., Parent, Coach, CUI Director of Forensics, & Professor

The choice to send students to The Helmsman Institute is one that all parents should strongly consider. The quality of instruction, character development, and mentorship that the folks at Helmsman provide is second to none. I have sent my own children there, and they had nothing but positive things to say. David and Denise always hire an amazing staff that not only know speech and debate, but also model Christ-like character.


Parent Attendee

You all planned it really well!  My kids loved the music and dancing when the sessions were about to begin, and it was great to have the 10-minute breaks.  Everything was well planned, and we gained a lot.  My kids also felt like they got to know people better.  The devotional time was really sweet and meaningful, for kids and adults.

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Daniel L., Student

I highly recommend Helmsmen Institute Speech and Debate Camp for everyone-- whether you have done Stoa for years or if you've just joined. I came in knowing nothing about speech events and LD, but after just 2 weeks, I am excited and can't wait to compete in Stoa. Thank you Helmsmen Institute.

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Elise S., Student

I was able to use the coaches' knowledge to better prepare myself and write my speeches. Lectures were insanely helpful because even as an advanced debater I got to learn new things about all kinds of speeches, from extemp to HI.


Natalia M., Student

Helmsmen Camp 2020 was amazing! This was my first time going here, and I was pleasantly surprised at how even though it was online, it was still interactive and really fun. Every day, we started with worship and an hour of devotional and mutual encouragement, which was really special and allowed us to connect on a personal level with different coaches and students. I didn't know that many people going in, but by the end of camp I made so many friends. Overall, as a senior, this is one of the best speech and debate camps I've ever attended, because the emphasis was not to create champions (although the lectures were REALLY helpful) but rather grew each camper in their relationship with Christ, and to teach them how to communicate with confidence!

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Julianne L., Student

The Helmsmen Institute Camps were such a blast! Starting off a tips-and-tricks-filled day with devotions relevant to our everyday life really encourages me to have a more Christ-centered focus, especially when doing speech/debate. The camps were a great way to start off the year and I can't wait for the next camp!!


Allie R., Student

The Helmsmen Institute speech and debate camp is AMAZING! I would and will recommend it to my speech and debate family. The staff is wonderful and the atmosphere is refreshing and welcoming. We received so many rich lectures! The best thing is the WHOLE thing is focused on Jesus. Best camp experience I have EVER had.

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Amy R., Student

Expect to get what you paid for and more. The people really care about you and learning is non-stop! All the leaders were the best and the C.R.E.W. groups really allowed me to connect to others outside of my friend group. All the devotions were amazing! You will leave prepared spiritually and mentally for the year ahead!


Joshua R., Student

The tournament was so helpful. It got me prepared for next year and helped me know more cases, and I got great feedback.


Patsy B., Coach

The Helmsman staff tops the excellence chart. A 5+ starred camp. My expectations as a coach were that my students would be stretched to take their logical minds to the next level and be invigorated to dive into the resolution for the fall. Those expectations were met!

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