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For a limited time, Helmsmen Campers can sign up for viewing access to the Helmsmen Institute Digital Library of Speech Camp sessions. The Digital Pass will allow individuals to receive access to 25 lectures from our digital library of speech camp sessions. Lectures will be selected by Helmsmen Staff and grouped by track.  

The Digital Pass will only be available for campers to purchase at a discounted price through the last day of camp (7/15). Additionally, the price of the Digital Pass will increase on the day camp starts (07/10).

Lectures will become available on or before September 1.

Note: if more than one Digital Pass is purchased, there may be overlap.

Digital Pass for Helmsmen Speech Campers

  • These files are the possesion of the Helmsmen Institute and may not be used outside of these terms and conditions of use.

    Use of the Digital Pass grants viewing access to the purchaser and his or her immediate family, only, for the time period determined by the Helmsmen Institute.  Access to the Digital Pass may not be shared, and the files may not be edited, shared, broadcast or posted, in whole or in part, on any platform or any form of communication or publication. 

    The Helmsmen Institute reserves the right to revoke access to the digital files.

    Violation of these terms and conditions constitutes fraud. 

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