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We serve all levels of competition


Our materials are designed to help novice students learn and succeed. Our materials include introductions to the specifics of the event of your choice and highlight common mistakes and ways to correct bad speaking habits. Our preparation for novice students will help them excel as the season begins. With numerous resources and methods designed to improve students researching, speaking, and debating skills, our staff is prepared to give students the materials they need to feel confident in their debating and speaking preparation. Our staff gives students the foundation they need to guide their growth so that they can make every experience a learning experience, and gives them the materials that will give them the confidence to apply the skills they are gaining through Speech and Debate.


Our materials are designed to help intermediate students build upon the foundation they already have, and to polish their speaking and debate skills and styles. Our materials include ways to utilize their skills to become speakers and debaters who are a cut above other competitors. We focus on giving intermediate students new tools to add nuance and sophistication to the way they speak and debate. Our staff gives students areas for further research, helping them continue their trajectory to success. We present new challenges to help Intermediate Speakers and Debaters become the best they can be.


Our materials are designed to challenge advanced students to refine their skills and add to their speech and debate arsenal. Our materials specify ways to weaponize components of their speech to become tools for victory, building on the firm foundation they already have to produce excellence. We focus on giving advanced ways to refine their critical thinking skills, enrich their understanding of the resolution, and facilitate their desire to learn. Our resources provide in-depth research and nationals level preparation all throughout the competitive season. Advanced students will find themselves challenged to research more effectively and construct speeches and debate cases that are a cut above, and provide excellent material to prepare students for victory in the beginning, middle, and end of the competitive season.

Principles That Guide Us

Affordable Resources and Camp

We are founded on the principle that families should not be overcharged for education. Our mission is focused on providing quality material to Stoa at reasonable and affordable prices.  

Exceptional Resources and Camp Lectures

Our Camp Staff is handpicked from Stoa Alumni who have continued to pursue Christ and seek to serve Stoa. We are excited to present 3 levels of instruction in order to best serve novice and intermediate speakers and debaters, while continuing to challenge advanced speakers and debaters. 

Educationally Oriented

We are focused on causing growth in students and helping them develop critical thinking skills. For this reason, our material is built according to the principles of the Socratic Method, which provokes thought instead of telling students what to think.  

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