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Who is at the Helm?

The Founders of the Helmsmen Institute are all champions in Stoa, with outstanding achievements in high school, and they went on to attend a University with a Forensic Program ranked in the top 10 in the Nation. The Founders of the Helmsmen Institute cumulatively have over 35 years of experience in competition or coaching Speech and Debate and are experienced in assisting debaters to become the best individuals and debaters they can be. The Helmsmen Institute Board of Directors consists of college and high school forensic coaches with over 85 years of experience altogether, and are present to guide staff and students alike through teaching and coaching. The Coaching Staff is handpicked to include the most elite and grounded individuals in Stoa, and are selected based on success, integrity, and their continued involvement with speech and debate. Every Helmsmen representative is among the nationally recognized for speech and debate skills, knowledge, coaching and competition.