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Dedicated to Education 
Passionate about Speech and Debate

The Helmsmen Institute is dedicated to building and equipping ethical leaders in the Stoa community to have a future characterized by honor and excellence. 

Our Mission

The Helmsmen Institute provides Speech and Debate Camps for Stoa competitors. These resources are designed to meet the needs of all competitors, from novice to advanced. 

Our Products

We believe that educational material guided by the Socratic Method produces high-quality debate resources that foster critical thinking, and create opportunities for Christian Mentorship. 

Our Values



Helmsmen Institute debate camp is full of lectures, activities, and workshops that aim to sharpen argumentation and refutation skills. Our debate camp develops cross-examination skills, teaches students debate theory, and prioritizes depth of topic education. We offer tracks for each debate format that not only teach basics but also teach students advanced speaking and debating skills.


At the Helmsmen Institute, we seek to do more than improve your students' speaking skills. Our speech camp develops critical thinking skills, improves logic and time management skills, and seeks to make each student a winsome witness for Christ. While we offer lectures for each speech event, each speech lecture is specialized to reach our educational goals and help your student succeed.


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