Will my son/daughter be safe?

Yes; CUI is a very safe campus. For more information, visit

What are the precautions so my son/daughter/myself do not contract COVID-19?

CUI follows the CDC, state, and county guidelines for COVID-19. Since the Helmsmen Camp is on CUI's campus, we must, and all campers must, adhere to CUI's COVID-19 protocols without exception.

What if we have special dietary needs?

We can accomodate your dietary restrictions! Just be sure to note any allergies or dietary restrictions on your registration page.

Can we bring our own meals?

If you are staying on campus, you may not bring your own meals. CUI has a contract with Bon Apetite, which prohibits guests from bring or preparing their own meals. If you are a commuting student, you are welcome to bring your own meals.

Can you make exceptions to meal plan arrangements for overnight campers?

No, we cannot accommodate exceptions.

Can you make exceptions to meals?

No, the meal plans are established by Bon Apetite and cannot be changed.

Do you have more detailed information on the camp?

Please visit

What are the camp costs?

Tuition is $170, housing is $90, and meals are $160. Please visit for additional information.

Who are the camp coaches and administrators?

Please visit

Is there an online option (virtual presence)?

Yes! Please visit for more information.

What will my son/daughter learn at Helmsmen Camp?

Please visit

Are scholarships available?

Yes: these are limited to need, and are awarded on a first come first serve basis. Please see In the past, we have been able to fulfill the financial need of 100% of scholarship applicants.

How can I apply for a scholarship?

Please visit

What happens during a campus emergency?

In case of emergencies, we follow CUI policies. Please visit

Is Wi-Fi available on campus?


What if I need to contact my son/daughter?

If your child does not have a cell phone, please send an email to, or call us at (949)-680-7456.

Are any discounts available?

Yes. Early bird, sibling and two-camp attendance offer discounts. Please see

I would like to attend camp as a parent with my student, do you allow parents to attend?

Of course! At the Helmsmen Institute, we want STOA parents to be involved in their students growth, at every stage! Parents must pay for the cost of tuition, however, and are given two options when attending camp. Parents may choose to attend lectures with their child, or may attend lectures in the Parent Track. If your child has/needs special accommodations, please contact us at

What information do students learn at camp?

Your student will learn everything from the foundations of speech and debate, how to write a speech or construct a debate case, and learn advanced techniques of speech and advanced debate theory and how to learn, write, and perform their speech piece, or debate and defend their case.

I have many students with different levels of experience or no experience. Is this program suitable for every student, no matter their level of experience?

This program is suitable for both beginner and advanced competitors. It offers differing classes and lectures that a student may sign up for based on their individual skill level. The lecturers hired by the Helmsman Institute have not only quality skills and extensive debate knowledge, but they have been chosen based on their ability to find your child’s potential and help them grow as much as possible.

What items should my student/child be bringing to camp if they are overnight campers?

Your Child should be sure to bring toiletries, sheets for their bed, a blanket or sleeping bag, a pillow, clothes for the week, pens and notepads, a laptop for research and/or note taking (laptop not required).

Can I park my RV on or outside of CUI's campus?

No, but here are some nearby RV Parks: -Parque Santiago: 215 S Prospect Ave, Tustin, CA 92780 -Stone Villa Trailer Park: 333 W Bay St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Do I need to sign up for a meal plan?

Only if you are a resident camper staying in the dorms. If you are a commuter, you're welcome to bring your own food. However, students are not permitted to leave campus during meal times, even if they are a commuter.

Can I be roomed with my family?

Yes! Just select "family housing" at checkout. This is the only way to ensure your family has a suite to yourselves. If you have more than 4 memebrs in your family that want to stay overnight, you will need to select more than one family housing/suite (each suite has 4 beds).

Do I need to bring my own towels, sheets, and blankets if I am staying over night?

Yes. Everything else is provided (paper towels, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, hand soap). Please bring your own shampoo and other toiletries.

Will you provide cases for the camp tournament?

Yes! This year, we are introducing a Helmsmen Casebook which you will recieve before the camp tournament.